Gustav Klimt - Ria Munk On Her Deathbed, 1912
Can you honestly love a dishonest thing? -John Steinbeck
- Anonymous

can you love a perfectly honest thing ?


Arnold Böcklin, Odysseus and Calypso (1883), oil on canvas. Collection of Kunstmuseum Basel, Basel, Switzerland. Via WikiPaintings.
How do we forgive ourselves for all of the things we did not become? -David ‘Doc’ Luben ,14 Lines from Love Letters or Suicide Notes
- Anonymous

we don’t

Gustave Doré


Continuum: Part One
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Gustave Courbet, The Wounded Man (1844-54) / Arctic Monkeys, Dangerous Animals (2009)


cropped : Picasso’s The Tragedy 

Rose Leslie - InStyle UK - November 2014Photographed by Thanassis Krikis


Claude Monet in 1923
Colourized Photos
Do you still have the painting of qa eyes?
- Anonymous

yep, in one of my illustration boards

- brainstark

i was about to put 10 arctic monkeys but that would be cheating…

Knight Moves - Gonzales
Lazuli - Beach House
Worship You - Vampire Weekend
Acolyte - Delphic
Entertainment  - Phoenix
Blood Red Moon  - The XX
Merci - Stromae
The Shore  - Woodkid
Spectre  - Tycho
That’s Were You’re Wrong  - Arctic Monkeys (well I had to)

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idk i’m so bored